Music Education Reimagined

New Philosophies in Music Education. The European Academy of Fine Arts features in-person and online educational programs that have been revolutionized for the modern musician. Our programs have proven to be more comprehensive, contemporary, and relevant to musicians across the world than traditional music programs.

The Film Scoring Academy of Europe offers full-time Masters, Online Graduate, and summer programs in film and game scoring. Rooted in providing composers comprehensive practical experiences of working with filmmakers and recording their music with live orchestra, our programs are highly sought after within the industry.

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The Piano Conservatory at the European Academy of Fine Arts employs some of the most sought after names in the world of piano education and offers a full-time Masters, low-residency Masters, and an online Piano Artist Performance Diploma. More than just classical piano degrees. Become a piano artist in the digital age.

The Conducting Institute at the European Academy of Fine Arts offers conductors a unique training experience: regular podium time with a professional orchestra. The Conducting Institute offers a full-time MFA degree program providing more practical experience than any other conducting program in the world.

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The Violin Conservatory at the
European Academy of Fine Arts
Honorary Chairman: Eduard Schmieder

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Recording Studio
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Bulgaria's premiere production, post-production, dubbing and recording studio, Doli Media Studio's 10-million euro facility regularly hosts recording sessions across various degree programmes for the European Academy of Fine Arts.


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Bulgaria National Radio Studio 1 has become one of the most famous recording studios in the world, used regularly by world-class ensembles, bands, and Hollywood composers.

John Powell recently used this studio to record the Bulgarian Women's Choir for his score to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Able to hold ensembles of extremely large sizes, BNR Studio 1 is used regularly by the European Academy of Fine Arts for recording sessions across various degree programmes.

The European Academy of Fine Arts is proud to partner with the European Recording Orchestra (ERO) across all degree programs.

The European Recording Orchestra (ERO) is a contemporary orchestra based in Sofia, Bulgaria specializing in studio recording for film, TV, and other contemporary mediums and styles.


Comprised of some of the finest orchestral session musicians from approximately one dozen countries across Eastern Europe, the European Recording Orchestra (ERO) regularly records at Bulgarian National Radio Studio 1, Doli Media Studio, and the Sofia Session Studio.

Recording music of composers from around the world, the ERO prides itself on providing extremely high quality content at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.


Bulgaria's cultural center and capital city of Sofia is home to the European Academy of Fine Arts, Doli Media Studio, and Bulgaria National Radio Studio.