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Alumni of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe join a consortium of over 100 composers from 37 different countries who have participated in the Film Scoring Summer Program, the Online Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring, or the Master of Fine Arts in Music for Motion Pictures and Contemporary Media. Our goal is to provide alumni with continuing education opportunities, ongoing benefits, as well as a connection to their colleagues on both a professional and social level.

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Florence sabeva

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henrik lindström


Master of Fine Arts

Music for Motion Pictures & Contemporary Media


Film & Game Scoring

Maya Harrigan


Since 2004 Maya has created music and sound for over 100 TV commercials, 50 plus video games, and completed various documentaries and short films. During her study at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, Maya received personal instruction and guidance from celebrities, such as Danny Elfman, Howard Shore, David Newman, John Powell, Christopher Young, and many more skilled artisans. While undergoing an intensive year of classes, Maya scored and recorded 17 pieces of her music with a live orchestra. After completing her thesis in Sampling Orchestra for Granular Synthesis, in November 2021, Maya graduated from the Film Scoring Academy of Europe in Dublin, Ireland, with first-class honors. Looking to perfect her technical abilities and develop her own unique style, Maya Harrigan draws upon her European roots and a lifelong passion for music.

Terrance Peters


Terrance Peters is an American-born saxophonist, composer and teacher based out of Belgium. He attended Jacksonville university and was able to study with the Professor John Ricci, a wealth of saxophone and jazz theory knowledge as well as an incomparable saxophonist. After college, Terrance joined the U.S army as a bandsman. He was able to explore and hone his musical skills and propensities in his 7-year span in the U.S Army band. In this time, Terrance composed and arranged dozens of pieces for a myriad of ensembles including Latin band, Big Band and Folk ensemble. The latter part of his army career landed him in Belgium playing with the SHAPE International band in the NATO Jazz Orchestra. Arranging and orchestrating for this ensemble gained him experience and gave him the spark he needed to pursue more education at The Film Scoring Academy of Europe. Receiving a graduate diploma in the online course at FSAE is a fruitful and meaningful accomplishment for Terrance and has set the tone for his new career in composition for film, video games and multimedia.

Jessica Ellis


Jessica is an award-winning film composer based in Sydney, Australia. In 2021, she won her first award for ‘Best Music’ in a Short Film at the ScreenPower Film Festival in London, and was a selected finalist for ‘Best Score’ at the British Short Film Awards. She began her musical journey as a cellist, completing her 8th grade exam in 2016 and participating in orchestras such as the Flagship Sydney Youth Orchestra. With them, she has performed in prestigious venues such as ANZ Stadium, the Sydney Opera house, and touring venues through the UK and Ireland in 2019. These performance experiences have allowed Jessica to experiment and enrich her own compositions with extended techniques on the cello, which has become a defining staple in her work. Amongst her work on short films, Jessica is currently completing her Bachelor of Music: Composition for Creative Industries at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and working on a Pop/Atmospheric Album which she hopes to release later this year.

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pamela cavero

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yakov alexandrov

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