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Conducting Summer Program
31 July - 21 August, 2022
Vratsa, Bulgaria

A three-week fully immersive conducting summer program for musicians interested in developing their conducting skills. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct and record in a mobile studio environment in addition to the professionally recorded performance environment.

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Enroll on the Conducting Summer Program

After reading the FAQ below, please submit the following form if you would like to enroll on the Conducting Summer Program. Note you will be required to remit the €350 tuition deposit as part of your enrollment.

Enrollment Confirmed! You will be contacted via email as we get closer to the Conducting Summer Program.


Other questions about the Conducting Summer Program?

Contact Malcolm Yuen, Programme Director of The Conducting Institute and the Conducting Summer Program:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

#1: Financial Terms and Conditions

All payments are subject to the following terms and conditions: The tuition for the 2022 Conducting Summer Program is €4,970. If a conductor enrolls prior to 1 January, 2022, there is a €200 discount, bringing the tuition price to €4,770. A €350 deposit is required and non-refundable. The €350 deposit to enroll is subtracted from the total tuition amount of the enrolling conductor. Tuition is fully refundable if the conductor cancels prior to May 15th, 2022. If a conductor cancels, for any reason, on or after May 15th, 2022 (GMT+2), the tuition is non-refundable. Remaining tuition amounts from enrolled conductors are due before May 15, 2022. The Conducting Summer Program reserves the right to cancel any conductor's participation if the tuition is not paid in full prior to this date. In this event, tuition paid up until this date will be refunded, less the non-refundable deposit. The conductors will be accommodated on a single room basis. Conductors wishing to share with a spouse need to notify the staff of the Conducting Summer Program in advance in order that appropriate arrangements can be made. A small additional fee may be incurred for a double room. Tuition covers the conductor’s hotel stay for a check-in on July 31, 2022 and a check-out on August 21, 2022. If the conductor needs additional nights in the hotel before or after the program, they can arrange this in advance with the staff of the Conducting Summer Program and pay at the hotel desk. Please note that there is no airport in Vratsa, and that all flight tickets should be booked in and out of the airport in Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF).

#2: Participation Terms and Conditions

All payments are subject to the following Participation Terms and Conditions: The Conducting Summer Program reserves the right to cancel any conductor's participation if it is deemed that the conductor does not meet the following requirements. Conductors must possess the ability to read and notate music. If you can't read music, unfortunately you'll not be successful on the Conducting Summer Program, as this is a foundation all conductors must have in order to conduct music for our ensembles. Conductors should bring a computer capable of downloading/transferring their recorded sessions from each day as part of their record of progress/learning tool. All conductors are required to provide proof of health insurance that covers them in the event of emergency during their participation in the course.

#3: COVID-19 Policy

Conductors and faculty of the Conducting Summer Program must show either 1) a proof of vaccination or 2) a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 in order to participate.

What does my tuition cover?

Your tuition covers:

  • all hotel expenses (including breakfast and wifi) for the duration of your stay
  • all recording of class sessions (including HD video footage)
  • the entire lecture series at the Conducting Summer Program
  • the 6 university credits offered upon completion.
What your tuition does not cover:
  • Any Visa expenses, if applicable
  • Travel arrangements to/from Vratsa
  • Travel arrangements to/from the airport and Hemus Hotel
  • Food expenses (lunch and dinner) during your stay
  • Social expenses

What about the 6 university credits?

The Conducting Summer Program is a 3-week / 6 credit summer course offered through European Academy of Fine Arts / Irish American University, an accredited institution of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States. All conductors who successfully complete the Conducting Summer Program will be conferred 6 transferrable university credits from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States. 6 Middle States credits transfer to approximately 12 ECTS credits. The receiving institution ultimately decides how many ECTS credits are transferrable.

Is there an application process for the Conducting Summer Program?

No, spots are awarded on a first-come first-served basis. All deposits made are in agreement with the Participation Terms and Conditions above. (FAQ #2)

Do I need a Visa to participate in the Conducting Summer Program?

Most of the time, no - students can come to Bulgaria for the duration of the course on a travel Visa with no problem. However, there are some countries that Bulgaria requires travellers have a Visa prior to entrance, so you'll need to determine if you are from one of those countries. Need help? Let us know!

How will I get to the Hemus Hotel from the Airport when I arrive in Sofia?

As there is no airport directly in Vratsa, conductors will arrive in Sofia Airport. From Sofia, there are two ways to get to the Hemus Hotel (Vratsa) from the Sofia airport: 1. Taxi. Price per trip: 100 leva. (€50) 2. Private car. Price per trip: 60 leva. (€30) 3. Bus. Price per trip 10-20 Leva (€5-10) More information will be distributed to participating conductors closer to the summer.

What is the experience level of the other participants?

We have developed this program to welcome conductors of all ages and levels of skill or experience. Some of our students are musicians who have never conducted, and others have some experience in conducting various smaller ensembles. Some have music degrees, and some don't! If you already have some experience in conducting, this program will give you the opportunity to add an HD professionally recorded/mastered performance to your video portfolio, and refine your skills in rehearsing and conducting a symphony orchestra in mainstream orchestral repertoire. And if you've never conducted, we'll be starting from scratch to introduce you to the process!

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate?

Yes, the minimum age to participate in the Conducting Summer Program is 18 years.