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We care about your feedback, composers! We are constantly striving to ensure that our educational programmes are relevant, efficient and worthwhile. Please give us as much feedback about your experience as possible so we can ensure next year's Film Scoring Summer Program is even better than this one. Thank you!

Film Scoring Summer Program
Review Form

How would you rate your overall experience at the Film Scoring Summer Program?

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How would you rate the quality of orchestras that recorded your music?

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How would you rate the quality of the lecture series and the faculty? Please consider their overall preparedness, delivery and instructional style, content, expertise in their field, etc.

Jeremy LeidheckerJeremy Leidhecker
Conor O'BoyleConor O'Boyle
Derek GleesonDerek Gleeson
Jonathan ShanesJonathan Shanes
Ronan ScolardRonan Scolard
Wilhelm von DungenWilhelm von Dungen
Andy HillAndy Hill
Norman LudwinNorman Ludwin
Debbie SmithDebbie Smith
Mark KuypersMark Kuypers

How do you feel about the overall length of the program?


How do you feel about the workload and lecture content for this program?


Outside of classroom hours, did you prefer to work alone in your room or with your peers in the classroom?


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