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Piano Teacher Training Program

To Teach is to Grow

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An Essential Training for Piano Teachers

An 6-month program to refine your instructional pedagogy. Private study with our veteran faculty, exclusive access to 3 recorded modules, and our "Piano Recording & Streaming Bundle" are all included within the programme tuition.

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Piano Recording & Streaming Technology Bundle

Included in your tuition and shipped directly to your home is our exclusive arsenal of home studio recording technology every pianist should own, valued at €2,700. Includes the Audio SCX25APS Piano Mic Kit, a Mackie 12-channel mixer, an Audient Evo 8 audio interface, an Audix lapel microphone and preamp, tripod, XLR cables, and a phone camera mount.

mackie mixer
evo 8
camera mount
Grand Piano

Access Our Veteran Faculty

We've engaged some of the most brilliant piano educators in the world, and thanks to our Piano Recording & Streaming Technology Bundle, students will have interactive lessons with them every week.

5 Module Catalogue

An essential training for modern piano teachers delivered via our customized online platform, with private study enhanced by our Piano Recording & Streaming Technology Bundle.

Piano Keys

Module 1 (12 credits)

Solo Piano: 40 One-on-One Private Lessons

All students receive bespoke individual piano study over the course of 8 months with our distinguished performing artist faculty in one-on-one synchronous and asynchronous online lessons, thanks to our Piano Recording & Streaming Technology Bundle.

Digital social media

Module 2 (1 credit)

Career Development, Promotion and Programming

Most musicians depart university programs with a technical proficiency on their chosen instrument allowing them to competently navigate the artistic side of their career, but careers often come to a halt when musicians find themselves unequipped to navigate the business aspects of their professional lives. Get the gig: learn modern strategies of marketing, effective self-promotion and online presence.

Recording Studio Mic

Module 3 (3 credits)

Piano Recording, Mixing and Videography

In this age of technology, it's not enough to just play. Master how to mic, record, mix and edit your audio and video footage. Students will also acquire the skills to effectively record, edit and deliver asynchronous and synchronous performances for evaluation of their individual one-on-one private piano lessons.

Sheet Music for Piano

Module 4 (3 credits)

Theory of Repertoire Analysis & Performance Practice

A thorough understanding of the composer’s intentions requires a body of harmonic and contrapuntal knowledge that allows the performer to evaluate and analyze the composition in a fashion that illuminates the colors and shading inherent in the composer’s vision of the performance. Through analysis and exploration, the student will determine where the emphasis must be placed for chordal balance and linear distinction of inner lines.

Young Woman Playing Piano

Module 5 (9 credits)

Final Project: Masterclass Delivery

Pianists will deliver an instructional masterclass, formulated in consultation with our faculty, that will be fully produced, edited, and deliverable to the world.

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